My Experience – Eli Broad College of Business _ Michigan State University

My Experience – Eli Broad College of Business _ Michigan State University

My Experience | MSU Broad College of Business

Sarah KanowskiClass of 2010Concentrations:  Supply Chain ManagementMy experience at Broad has been amazing. I enjoy being around my fellow students very much and learn a great deal from them and their varied experiences and ways of looking at situations. The same russianflirting legit or scam goes for the faculty and staff. I think that is a major part of the greatness of Broad – the caliber of the people. Everyone is very friendly, open, and committed to success.

The first semester was rough for me. We were going every day, all day it seemed. I grew and learned a great deal from the experience, though. My favorite classes so far have been Leadership & Teamwork, Managing the Workforce, Economics (the focus is strategy), and my second semester supply chain classes (Logistics, Procurement, Operations, Sustainability).

Life in East Lansing has been nice. I like the townhouse that I have with a essaysonline roommate who is in another graduate program. It’s an easy drive of 10 minutes to campus. There are two malls not far from here and also many supermarkets and grocery stores, so everything is located conveniently. I’m from Michigan (about an hour east of here), so it’s very similar to back home for me.

We’re finishing the second semester soon. I’m both ready for it to conclude and sad to see it end. The amount of work has been demanding, but the memories that I’m made this semester and this year are priceless. The first year has come and gone in a flash. To the Class of 2011 – cherish your time here…it really does go by that quickly.

As for the summer, I’ll be interning at IBM Global Business – Supply Chain Consulting. I’m very much looking forward to that. It will be a great experience and a chance to apply what I’ve learned and to learn even more. I know the internship will fly by, too, though.

Today I signed up for classes for the second and final year here. It’s still hard to believe that it will be the final year. I’m looking forward to learning and growing more during the last two semesters. One thing that I’ve learned, though. Socialize and get out and have fun with fellow MBAs. Those are the great memories and a way to connect during the demanding times of the program and especially those of the first semester. j4l legit review I concentrated on getting out with people this second semester and will definitely do that next year..which will be here before I know it!


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